Reasons to Ride an ATV (As If You Need Them!)

Between packed work/kid/school schedules, honey-do lists, and all our other priorities, sometimes it’s difficult to find “me time.” We get it. Yet, sometimes a bit of fresh air and a rush of adrenaline is exactly what is needed to help refocus so you can tackle all those other priorities.

You may have your own reasons to love riding ATVs, but the list below is a good reminder if you haven’t taken time out of your schedule recently to get back out there on the trail for a good time and some other great benefits.

Immerse Yourself in the Great Outdoors

Fresh air blowing through the trees, the wind in your face, surrounded by birds and other animals… What could be better? ATV riding puts you in touch with the healing power of nature in a unique and exciting way. With cooler temperatures and winter on the horizon, now is a great time to soak in the fall scenery and enjoy some wonderful outdoor adventures.

Togetherness with Family and Friends

ATV riding is a great way to bring people together. It’s the perfect shared activity for a group of friends or family members and will make memories you will be talking about for years to come. Even if you tend to ride solo, consider introducing a friend or loved one to the sport so you can enjoy future quality time together on the trails.

Adrenaline Rush

You can’t beat the rush of exhilaration you get on an ATV. If you’ve ever been, you know that the need for (managed) speed can be addicting. Tuning out the world and releasing some pent up energy is just what an adrenaline junkie needs to shake off a stressful week and keep life interesting.

Refocus and Find Inspiration

Riding an ATV is not quite like a therapy session, but it can definitely help clear your mind so you can gain perspective on life’s problems, reduce anxiety, and tune out negative emotions. Whether you are looking for answers to questions you’ve been asking yourself, words that will help a friend, or inspiration for a project you’re working on, take a turn on the back of an ATV for some much-needed focus and stress relief.

You Can Call it “Exercise”

It may or may not surprise you that ATV riding is actually considered cardiovascular exercise and can build muscles, too! It officially ranks as a moderate-intensity exercise according to national studies because of the physical exertion required. A couple of hours once or twice a week can increase your aerobic fitness and is a lot more fun than a treadmill or elliptical machine.

Good Old-Fashioned Fun

Never underestimate the need to do something just for the sheer fun of it. We all need injections of joy for joy’s sake, and why not combine some other good-for-you benefits like those above? Spending a day or weekend riding ATVs is sure to include plenty of smiles and laughter.

Stay at Ligia’s Fork Cabins

At Ligia’s Fork Cabins, we’re always looking for more opportunities to get out and ride. If you’re inspired like we are to get back on your ATV, our cabins are the perfect launching point. With easy trail access to the most popular riding destinations in Tennessee, including Brimstone Recreation Area and Windrock ATV Park, you can ride from your cabin right to the trail.

Check out our cabin pages to find the right spot for your ATV getaway or contact us for more information. We look forward to hosting you!

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