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Discovering East Tennessee

Tennessee is the 36th largest State in the U.S. and a treasure trove of hidden gems. If life allows you to explore this eastern side of the United States, you’re in for a real treat. Home to some of the most exquisite attractions in the world, there’s plenty of rich cultural history and beautiful yet adventurous retreats awaiting you here. If you’re ready to plan one of the most exciting visits of your life, here are the hidden gems of east Tennessee you ought to head to.

1.    Sunsphere – Knoxville

Have you ever seen a halo-like sphere adorning the earth? If not, you shouldn’t miss the chance to participate in this spectacle at Knoxville. They say a gold sphere envelops the city’s skyline, serving as a reminder of the site it was for the World Fair in 1982. Once here, you will climb aboard an elevator that will take you to the observation deck, resting twenty stories high in the sphere. This makes a perfect vantage point for visitors who, standing at the height of twenty feet, can behold a magnificent view of the enchanting city. It’d make a romantic date night surprise for the beau too!

2.    Bell Witch Cave Adams

An adventure once in a while keeps life from getting too boring, don’t you agree? This is why planning a fun trip with the gang, or even solo if you wish, to the Bell Witch Cave is a great idea. Even if you’re not a big fan of the supernatural, you will still experience thrills running down your spine when you step into the eerie, dark caves here. This hidden spot is on the Bell Farm in Tennessee but is less frequently visited. But those who enjoy an exciting shiver in the name of adventure will find this a worthwhile trip. According to the legend, John Bell, the owner, was spending a happy and content life with his family on the farm. It continued until the fateful summer of 1817 when a cunning torturous brought destruction upon the family. She possessed and terrorized them all, initiating unusual activities on the farm. The residents would hear frightening noises and experience violent attacks, one of which caused the untimely death of John Bell. Shockingly though, there are also accounts of a time the same nasty witch rescued a young boy trapped in a hole crying for help. This farm has inspired numerous horror stories, but more exciting is that you can visit the real place of action yourself.

3.    Crime Museum – Alcatraz East

Never seen a queasy exhibit before? Well, now you can whenever you’re in the east side of Tennessee. The Alcatraz East Crime Museum is one of a kind, but before you set out in anticipation of a fun trip, we ought to warn you: the exhibits are not easy to digest. Visitors often leave this museum feeling unexplainably queasy and off-kilter. You see, there’s a vast display of criminology that features everything from serial killers and medieval torture to witch trials. Of course, the famous kidnapping scenes on display leave many thrilled while others break out in cold sweats. If you enjoy tough adventures, have no doubts that the Crime Museum has plenty to offer you. There is a vast display of ‘nightmarish things’ here, too, as many would describe. Some include stuff like the Ford Bronco that OJ Simpson famously used for his freeway chase in 1994.

4.    Sweetwater’s Lost Sea

The caverns here stretch for around ¾ miles, comprising the length the tour visitors start with. The secret waters are also enclosed within the caverns, which boast historical tales so deep, it leaves all visitors utterly fascinated. If you happen to explore this hidden gem of East Tennessee with a guide, you will also experience the humor that laces the length of the caverns. To complete your exploration of the Lost Sea, this hidden gem offers a 30-minute-long boat ride. The entire ride offers amazing information about the Lost Sea, its discovery, its astounding treasures, and its exquisite cavern home.

5.    Morristown’s Evil Dead Cabin

If you’re a fan of horror stories, then you can’t miss the chance to have a spooky personal adventure in east Tennessee. You’re probably also aware of the Evil Dead, the original classic enthralling audiences. It’s a moving tale of five university students from Michigan State who met a horrible fate in the nasty Dead Cabin. The fascinating fact is that the Dead Cabin is not a fabrication but a real location in Morristown’s woods. What’s more, the actual location where the iconic scene of one of the most popular horror movies was shot is the Dead Cabin in Morristown. When Director Sam Raimi chose it for his production, he did make a blockbuster movie but, sadly, did not preserve the integrity of the construction. Hence, most of the Evil Cabin was destroyed in the making of the film, yet there is enough of it left to give you a feel of its former significance and character. For instance, the hole etched in the ground is still intact, where the witch notably lured the Young Linda to her destruction. The fireplace, too, stands strong where the evil finally succumbed to his fiery and horrible fate.

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