Motorsports Awareness Month

ATV riding Motorsports Awareness Month

August is National Motorsports Awareness Month. It was originally created to promote the enjoyment of motorsports activities by taking a friend or family member to an event. Moreover, Motorsports Awareness Month is the perfect opportunity to educate participants about safety standards that will keep riders safe.

Each year, there are thousands of ATV accidents that could be prevented with the proper knowledge and equipment. Part of the problem may be that extreme motorsports activities are more commonplace and even televised. You’ll see riders of all ages pushing the boundaries and doing tricks that others are tempted to try outside of a professional course set-up. However, professional riders take safety seriously, and you should too!

Top 10 ATV Safety Tips

Remember and follow these important tips to reduce the chance of injury:

  1. It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. Never ride an ATV while under the influence. Drinking and driving isn’t only dangerous in a car or motorcycle. Alcohol and drugs lead to impaired judgment and slower response times, which can lead to an accident.
  2. Learn how to ride safely by taking a certified course or hands-on lessons. Even if you are an experienced rider, commit to being a lifelong learner and take refresher safety courses. You can find out about course options for all ages at
  3. Don’t go faster than necessary. The amount of control you have on an ATV directly corresponds to speed. Obviously, the faster you drive, the less control you will have.
  4. Along these same lines, ride within your skill limits. Don’t attempt any “TV stunts” or try to show off for your companions. This is simply asking for trouble.
  5. Don’t skimp on safety gear, including a properly fitted helmet and other appropriate protective gear, such as gloves, long pants, and eyewear. Always put safety over price when it comes to decisions about gear.
  6. Being safe on ATV trails relies on communication, and cell phones may not cut it in remote areas. Check out walkie-talkies that might work in the area you will be riding. Be sure to understand their range and whether they operate within a certain distance from each other or need line of sight.
  7. If you are planning to ride in low light scenarios, the more visible you can make yourself, the safer you will be. Consider reflective clothing and add lights to your vehicle when appropriate.
  8. Some motorsports equipment is not designed for – or generally legal to use on – paved roads, including ATVs. Stay off all highways and roads when riding recreationally to prevent accidents.
  9. Obey all state and trail laws regarding age requirements. Ninety percent of all ATV injuries involve children. So ensure that riders are mature enough to handle the responsibility, appropriately trained, and on the right size equipment. Learn about the different sizes of ATVs hereProper adult supervision when teens or pre-teens are involved is imperative.
  10. Check over your equipment before you take to the trail. Similarly, ensure you have more than enough gas to get to your intended destination and back.

Motorsports can be an exhilarating way to have a good time. But they can also be the cause of an unexpected trip to the emergency room. To sum up, be sure to follow these rules anytime you ride, and you will continue to make memories that last a (long) lifetime!

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