What To Bring When You Rent A Cabin Or Bring Your RV To Ligia’s Fork Cabins?

If your idea of a family vacation is going off the grid, far away from the chaos of the city and into the lap of nature, then Ligia’s Fork Cabins will not disappoint. Our cabins bridge the gap between wilderness and the comfort of your home, acting as your private getaway for your mountain adventure.


At Ligia’s Fork Cabins, we take the stress out of your Great Smoky Mountain camping trip with cabins and RV hookups that are ready for you to show up and enjoy. That being said, knowing what to expect will make your trip even more comfortable and rewarding.

Under the “Cabins” sections on our home page, click on any of our three-cabin rentals (Elijah’s, New River, and Cumberland) to determine what is provided and what you will need to bring yourself. In general, you will require the following items for a comfortable camping experience:

  1. A Jacket: Even if your trip to Ligia’s Fork Cabins is planned for the summer, it is always a good idea to pack a warm jacket. The weather in New River, Tennessee, can be unpredictable at any season, and even if it is warm during the day, it can get chilly once the sunsets. If a cold snap comes along, having a jacket on hand might just prove to be an unexpected lifesaver.
  2. Kitchen: Our “Elijah’s Cabin” has a fully equipped kitchen, and our “New River Cabin” and “Cumberland Cabin” come with a full-size refrigerator, cookstove, microwave, and coffee machine, so all that you need to pack are your favorite groceries and extra paper towels and napkins. Of course, if you are traveling in an RV, you would have to bring everything from your own cooking utensils, knives and cutting boards, food and canned goods to a cooler and cooking stove.
  3. Outdoor activity gear: One of the top reasons to book your holiday in Ligia’s Fork Cabin is to enjoy the mountains. We are located in the middle of 240,000 acres of prime ATV riding trails that you will want to spend time exploring. A pair of hiking boots will make sure you are ready to take on the trails. Do not forget about other outdoor essentials such as your trusty walking stick, a fishing rod, a map of the trails, a first aid kit, and refillable water bottles to stay hydrated.
  4. Entertainment: While there is sure to be an endless stream of activities to keep you and your kids entertained once you arrive at Ligia’s Fork Cabins, you still need something to keep you occupied while you are not taking on the wilderness. A couple of books to read, a deck of cards, crossword puzzles, and board games are some fun ways to spend your time.
  5. Personal belongings: You are the expert here, so we are going to leave the specifics of this category to you. Although we do recommend packing your flashlights (with spare batteries) for some after-dark barbecuing and easy reading if you cannot sleep after the sunsets. You may also want to pack the toiletries (like a toothbrush, toothpaste, and shampoo) and other personal items that you need to make your trip more enjoyable. Oh, and do not forget to pack the sunscreen and an insect repellent. Additionally, if you are traveling in an RV, you should bring along a set of bedding, sheets and blankets and pillows.

Ligi’s Fork Cabins offer a lot of modern amenities to aid your convenience and comfort, but it is still necessary to make prior preparations and pack the essentials we have mentioned above.  Do you still have a few questions on what you and your family should bring to help create the perfect Briceville cabin vacation experience? Let us help by giving us a call at (865) 740-9081 or (865) 816-2301.

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