Best Outdoor Family Activities in East Tennessee

Saddle up, Partner! East Tennessee has a range of incredible outdoor activities that are calling for you. From hiking and bike riding to fishing and wildlife viewing, take off on an adventure as relaxed or as heart-pounding as you like. So if you plan on heading down to East Tennessee with your family, then here are a few outdoor activities that you cannot miss.

Go Out Parasailing, Wake Boarding, and Waterskiing

Let’s start with some of the most exciting activities you can do while in East Tennessee. Bring your boat on down to one of the many lakes and reservoirs in Tennessee and enjoy some wakeboarding or waterskiing action. Or if you want to get a better look at all the beautiful landscapes throughout the city, then parasailing might be more your style. But if you don’t have a boat, you can easily rent one for the day near the lake of your choice.

Try out Axe Throwing

Ever wondered if you could throw an ax like Jason Mamoa? Well, step up and find out. Knoxville has an ax-throwing range or two that are sure to give you an adrenaline rush unlike any other. Feel like an action hero as you chuck axes at a target while under the supervision of an expert. And remember, you can always “ax” the experts around if you have a question.

Try Your Hand at Zorbing

The Outdoor Gravity Park offers plenty of Zorbing action that is fun for the whole family. Their 1,000-foot hill offers a nice steep surface to roll down while not being too dangerous. You can even add water to the ride, making it an even more fun experience. It’s all outdoors and is something that you should try when heading to east Tennessee.

Take the scenic route on the Gatlinburg SkyTrail

SkyLift Park has been a major tourist destination for the state of Tennessee since as early as 1954. And recent additions like the SkyTrail and SkyBridge make it even more exciting to visit. Visit the longest suspended pedestrian bridge in North America with lights and an incredibly scenic view.

Of course, if you just want to wander and take the long route, you can always go for the SkyTrail, and get appreciate the incredible beauty of these forests and breathtaking landscapes. While it certainly isn’t as heart-pounding as waterskiing, it can be a very relaxing experience.


Embark on a next-level adventure through a ziplining course throughout the many national parks in East Tennessee. The unique terrain and lush forests lend well to a zipline, as you speed past various obstacles. It can be quite a rush and there’s nothing quite like zipping through a course just fast enough to feel the breeze in your hair. Don’t be surprised when you want to stay longer to go on the zipline just one more time.

You can find zipline courses throughout various parks that you otherwise visit, like Pigeon Forge and Shelby Farms Park.

Take on Challenging Biking Courses

Are you ready for a challenge? Are you looking to put your biking skills to the test? Well, East Tennessee’s distinct terrain offers courses that are exhilarating as much as they are challenging. Some courses even take you through dense forests and others take you across counties where you pass by small towns and picture-perfect landscapes.

Challenge the Harsh Rivers by Rafting

Nothing tests your reflexes like rafting down some scenic and exciting rivers down Tennessee. The class IV run is unforgettable, as you slip and slide your way down to the finish. The Pigeon River is much more welcoming to beginners, with its Class I rapids. Of course, it features other classes as well, all the way up to class IV.

There are other streams and creeks that you can visit for a less bombastic and more scenic trip.

Go Out for a Hike on Some Beautiful Routes

The eastern part of Tennessee has some incredibly beautiful sights to witness, with its lush forests colorful flora. Take a relaxing walk down one of its many scenic trails and beautiful forests for an experience unlike any other. The trails are long and there is no need for you to rush. Take the adventure at your own pace as you spot the local wildlife, witness beautiful waterfalls, and even find one of the many caves on your way.

Where to Stay

As you explore the many outdoor activities waiting for you to take on your next adventure, you will need a place to stay. Nothing beats the comfort of laying in a comfortable bed after a long day of having fun. Therefore, be sure not to miss out on some fine lodgings with the Ligia’s Fork Cabins. Waterskiing, boating, fishing, and even biking are not far from your lodge, ensuring you’re not too far away from the action.

If you’re looking for a place to kick your feet up and take a break, then Ligia’s Cabins are just right for you. Not only are they close to all of the fun activities outside, but they’re also affordable. Choose between various comfortable rooms, each of which comes with a TV, a microwave, a refrigerator, and all the daily essentials you could need.

The mountainous destination doesn’t just offer a scenic view right from your window, but it directly routes right back into all the fun. It connects to the Royal Blue WMA nearby along with the brimstone recreational area, which offers activities like fishing, horseback riding, and even rafting.

Blow off steam with these fun activities nearby or North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area. See the majestic elk throughout the site or Gold-wing warblers. If you go during the right time of year, you can even find a lot of migratory songbirds making their nests.

So whether you’re looking to travel with family or friends, Ligia’s lodgings can offer you the excellent cabins you deserve to make your trip more special.

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