Top Three Reasons to Spend the Winter Break at Ligia’s

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The winter air may be filled with a chill and some frost, but these months also bring the cheer of the Holiday Season and the relaxing break from our busy lives to enjoy time with our loved ones. The best way to rest and recuperate is to visit Ligia’s Fork Cabins and unplug.

Hiking Frost-Covered Trails

East Tennessee is well-known for its beautiful trails and bounding hills. Ligia’s Fork Cabins are near the most serene trails, which are ice covered and glittering in fresh frost at this time of year. It is the perfect time to enjoy a small chill on your cheeks and take in the most breath-taking views Tennessee has to offer. The weather this time of year is a pleasant mix of crisp and mild so you can enjoy the outdoors without the frigid air numbing your toes. Take break from the rush of everyday life and connect with nature while you enjoy the winter wonderland.

Cozy up in a Comfortable Cabin

After a long day in the cold, a night in the heated cabin may be the perfect medicine. The brisk winter air is the perfect excuse to cuddle up with friends, family, and fluffy blankets and sit by the fire watching your favorite holiday movies. Ligia’s Fork Cabins are equipped with a flat-screen TV and free Wi-Fi for all your holiday viewing needs. Or, enjoy an internet-free night and sit around the fire, roasting marshmallows and retelling your favorite (and most embarrassing) holiday memories. Heat up the cocoa, pop the popcorn, and settle in for the ideal winter evening doing your favorite things with your favorite people.

ATV Riding in the Winter Scene

Ligia’s Fork Cabin Rentals is the ideal location for ATV riding. A short 5-minute drive will take you to WindRock Park with its 73,00 acres covering over 300 miles of off-roading adventures.  Bring your family or friends and enjoy an East Tennessee winter where each day is different. Trails are open 24/7/365 and all types of off-road vehicles are welcomed. Trails range from easy for those who want a relaxing scenic drive to extremely difficult for thrill seekers looking for a challenge. Everyone must have a permit and riders under the age of 18 must wear a helmet. Furthermore, Brimstone Recreation offers a similar choice of easy, beginner trails and difficult trails for the experienced rider. Brimstone’s 19,196 acres offer over 300 miles of trails and roads. With trails open 365 days a year, this is the perfect place to get away from it all and explore the wilderness of the Appalachian Mountains. All riders must have a permit and Brimstone offers packages based on your visit duration.

Come on out to Ligia’s Fork Cabins to experience the Winter Wonderland for yourself. This Holiday Season is the time to unwind and enjoy quality time with nature and the people you love the most. After a busy and stressful year, the best way to celebrate a New Year is to connect with nature and enjoy the holiday cheer.

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