ATV Beginner’s Guide: What You Need to Know First

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ATVs are gaining in popularity as a thrilling mode of entertainment along with their many commercial uses. However, there’s much more to it than simply turning over the ignition and pressing the throttle. If you’re new to ATV’s, knowing the ATV basics can prepare you to enjoy the sport long term. Even if you’re seasoned enough to think you know it all, a refresher never hurts. Before you take off for your first adventure, consider these tips to get you started:

Purchase the Right Gear

First and foremost, a good helmet is the most essential part of your ATV wardrobe. It is the best form of protection from injury in case of a crash. Be sure that you choose one specifically for ATV riding. It’s also important to buy new – not used – to be sure it fits you perfectly and not to buy based on price alone. Other standard gear to make the ride safer and more comfortable includes gloves, riding boots that go above the ankle, a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, goggles, and perhaps a chest protector, depending on the terrain.

Choose an ATV

If you are committed enough to the sport to invest, there are various makes and models to accommodate different sizes and weight limits, including youth models. Traits like low price, ease of operation, ease of maintenance, and reliability would be appealing starter models for any rider. The simpler it is to operate, the better.

If you don’t own or plan to buy an ATV, Ligia’s Fork Cabins offers rental equipment for all experience levels.

Get a Permit

While you aren’t required to register your ATV with the state or apply for a special license to drive it, here in the state of Tennessee, a land-use permit is required of every ATV rider, no matter his or her age. There are several nearby places you can obtain one if you haven’t done so before you arrive. Also, be sure to understand all the applicable state laws, including having proof of title available and working headlights and taillights.

Hit the Road, But Start Slowly

Sure, an ATV isn’t likely to topple over like a motorcycle might when you take off, but do you know how it will react when you have to turn or stop suddenly? Do you know how different body positioning will affect your ride over bumps or in turns? Start slowly and practice starting, stopping, and turning in different scenarios until it becomes second nature.

Consider a Training Course

One way to ensure you are ready to take on the trail is to invest in an ATV basics training course. There are several online and hands-on courses to choose from to learn safety and maneuvering methods. Check out for their training course options for adults and children.

Enjoy the Ride

ATVs are a great way to enjoy the outdoors with friends or the entire family. Begin your adventure at Ligia’s Fork Cabins with our easy trail access to the most popular riding destinations in Tennessee, including Windrock ATV Park and Brimstone Recreation Area. We make it easy to plan an ATV vacation without the need for a trailer. Simply ride from your beautiful cabin right to the trail!

Book your vacation with us today by using our booking engine on our individual cabin pages or contact us for more information.

We look forward to hosting you!

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