Top 10 Stress Relievers at Ligia’s Fork Cabin Rentals

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You might already be feeling worn out and anxious due to the solitude this pandemic has left us in. So we’ll make sure you get the chance to unwind and recover from these discomforts.

Here are top 10 stress relievers you’ll find at Ligia’s Fork Cabin Rentals to help you indulge in a settled, rejuvenating and refocused vacation:

  1. Pack to relax

Pack some essentials beforehand to make the stay more enjoyable. Ligia’s Fork Cabin Rentals certainly make you feel at home. But wouldn’t it be great if you carried a portable hammock, audiobooks, Bluetooth speaker, and more such stuff with you? You’ll find several relaxing spots here, so imagine what fun it’d be to enjoy the views, the crawling clouds, freshly brewed coffee, and distant peaks, while you lounge on the deck and read your favorite book.

  1. Walk around

Take a scenic walk or go for longer treks at Windrock Park. It’s all full of wooded forests, and you’ll certainly find a spot to experience tranquility. Suck quite walks also allow you to connect with nature in unthinkable ways.

  1. Enjoy a nice fire

Share fun stories, recall old memories, plan the next day, eat, sing, dance, or nap around the fireplace. Because what’s a stress-relieving vacation if you don’t spend time by the fire?

  1. Cook something delicious

Cooking may not be a delightful activity for everyone, but it’s certainly fun when you’re with friends or family at a fully loaded (and charming) cabin kitchen. But we stock our kitchens with the cooking utensils guests may need – you just need to get your inner chef out. Plus, you can save money, satiate your early morning or midnight hunger pangs, and avoid driving after you’re down with a couple of drinks post-dinner.

  1. Host a game night

Once you’re done cooking, throw the dishes in the dishwasher, enjoy the surreal beauty you’re surrounded with, make it a phone-free zone, and appreciate each other’s company. Let it be a night full of laughter and joy. Believe us, it’ll work like therapy to your soul and your relationships.

  1. Do nothing

Out on vacation to do nothing? Try it once – you’ll love the feeling. You may have a strong urge to get out and explore, but give yourself some downtime. Set aside at least half a day to do nothing and enjoy the simplicity of cabin living.

  1. Immerse in the beauty of nature

At Ligia’s Fork Cabins, you get abundant opportunities to admire the views and feast your eyes. Do things from the privacy of your cabin, the patio, or the backyard. Get some fresh air and calm your mind, body, and soul.

  1. Spontaneity is the key

For the planning perfectionist, staying prepared is lifesaving! But for once, be a happy-go-lucky kid who has nothing on the to-do list. Allow yourself to be spontaneous – you’ll find it easier to relax and stay stress-free than be in the pressure of hurrying around to complete the plans.

  1. Brimstone Recreation

Snuggled in the remote wilds of Northeast Tennessee, Brimstone Recreation is one place you shouldn’t ditch when you’re here at the Ligia’s Fork Cabins for a power-packed yet relaxing vacation. From river sports to fishing, hunting, camping, and ATV trails – you have everything to make the most of your time and indulge in the choicest interests.

  1. Utilize the cabin amenities

Look around and make use of the things already present at the cabin. Connect the Wi-Fi to keep up your vacation plans. Throw away the garbage. If you feel so, do the laundry. Life gets a lot easier when you see no clutter and also return home with a relaxed state of mind.

Peace of mind is often the biggest perks of vacationing away from the big and bustling city life. Fortunately, Ligia’s Fork Cabins offers you just that! So ease yourself and plan your next trip with us. We’re also prepared with the necessary COVID-19 safety measures to make your stay safe and problem-free. Get in touch with us online. Or call us at (865) 740-9081 for more information.

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