Top 10 Tips for Winter Off-roading at Brimstone Recreation

Brimstone Recreation

There is really nothing like off-roading at Brimstone Recreation in the winter. The crisp air and the quietness provide a great backdrop for reflection and, of course, fun! However, winter off-roading at Brimstone Recreation is different than during the other seasons and comes with unique challenges you must be prepared for. Below is our top 7 list of tips to help you prepare for safe winter off-roading fun!

Top 7 Tips for Winter Off-roading at Brimstone Recreation

  1. Bring a friend
    This is good advice no matter what time of year it is. Off-roading alone is much riskier than going with a friend who has his or her own rig. Bring some basic walkie-talkies and have fun keeping in communication with each other. In the case of off-roading, two heads are better than one.
  2. Bring recovery gear to get unstuck
    Another piece of advice that is good year-round is to bring the necessary equipment to get unstuck. If you or your friend has a winch, that is great! With a winch, you will be able to recover much faster, which makes a big difference when it is cold outside. Other things to make sure you have are a spare full-size tire, a jack, a tire iron, a tow strap, a tree saver strap, a shovel, a basic tool kit, and a pair of traction devices such as these MAXTRAX. These are only some of the items you may need to bring. For an exhaustive list, please visit
  3. If you normally like challenging trails, consider easier ones
    Even the most basic trails at Brimstone Recreation you may have traversed many times can be much different during the winter. Snow hides rocks and rocks flatten tires if they hit your sidewalls just right. You can’t avoid what you can’t see, so keep this in mind. Gravity can bring different results as a trail that doesn’t seem steep during the summer can suddenly seem almost vertical when you are not getting good traction! So, take it easy and have fun rather than push things and end up in a bad situation.
  4. Bring supplies for being stuck overnight
    While the chances of being stuck out overnight are slim, it is better to be safe rather than sorry. Make sure you bring lots of water, warm clothes, a flashlight, a way to make a fire, and food as a bare minimum. Blankets and a change of socks can’t hurt, either.
  5. Make sure your rig is well maintained
    Another good piece of advice for any time of year, make sure your rig or ATV is up-to-snuff in the maintenance department. Check all your fluids, your tires, and your battery. Keep in mind that the colder it is the harder it can be to turn over your engine due to your oil being thicker and the battery producing less energy.
  6. Know your snow
    They say Eskimos have 50 different words for snow depending on the kind of snow it is. In our case, we need to be aware of the following. One of the most important things to know how to do when off-roading in the snow is being able to “read” the snow. Hard, cold snow that is found on north-facing slopes and in the shadows of trees is a whole different ballgame than soft, wet snow in the sun. Wet, heavy snow is often the easiest to traverse, while dry snow can cause headaches.
  7. Let people know you’re on the trails before you leave
    If you saw the movie 127 Hours then you know how important this last tip is. Check-in with the people at Brimstone Recreation and let them know you’re going out on the trails. Also, let a loved one or two know exactly what you’re up to for your trip.

We hope these tips help keep you safe and sound during your winter adventures at Brimstone Recreation. Don’t forget to use common sense when presented with what may look tame but could be high risk. Happy off-roading!

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