Surprising Facts about Windrock Park


There’s nothing better than gunning the engine on your UTV or ATV, feeling the strong wind in your face, and cruising your way over rugged and ever-changing terrain. You certainly have your favorite places and trails to get off the pavement. While there are many options available to you in your local area, none are more fun and enjoyable than Windrock Park, located in Oliver Springs, Tennessee.

Are you looking for an amazing outdoor adventure during your visit to Oak Ridge, TN? If so, it’s difficult to beat the famous Windrock Park! It is worth noting that Windrock Park was born out of the passion and love for downhill mountain biking.

This gorgeous and massive park is located less than fifteen minutes away from the heart of the city and is the largest privately-owned and maintained trail system in the US.

And Ligia’s Fork Cabins provides you with the best BBQ areas and ATV riding near Windrock Park. So, whether you are in the mood for a memorable and adrenaline-fueled ride through the forest or a tranquil afternoon amongst East Tennessee’s stunning scenery, Windrock Park will not disappoint.

Windrock Park is huge, and you can do tons of things. As a result, there may be a few activities and fun facts that you might not be aware of. However, don’t worry, as we will help you make the most of your visit by highlighting some facts you may not know about Windrock Park.


Did you know that the Coal Creek Company owns the land or property that Windrock Park calls home? Keep in mind that the Coal Creek Company was formed in 1872, and it currently owns about 72,000 acres of land that encompasses this off-road park.

Also, note that Coal Creek develops the various natural resources in the area through its coal, timber, oil, and natural gas subsidiaries. Here are some other facts.

You can Ride all Off-Road Vehicles

Windrock Park boasts 72,000 acres of pristine wilderness and more than 300 miles of trails, making it a paradise for off-road enthusiasts. You will be happy to know that there is a trail for almost every type of off-road vehicle, such as ATV. These trails range from flat gravel roads to extreme mountainous terrain. This allows you to choose your adventure!

Windrock Park’s trails can easily accommodate various vehicles, such as ATVs, dirt bikes, side x sides, Jeeps/4x4s, trucks, and rock crawlers. However, some trails are restricted to dirt bikes and ATV-use only. This is why make sure that you check which ones allow your vehicle.

You can Watch the Windmills

Did you know that Windrock Park is also home to the only wind farm in the Southeast? The Buffalo Mountain Wind Farm is certainly one of the best and most visited attractions at the park.

The wind farm has 18 windmills, which are just captivating to watch. Note that the 15 largest windmills have a 256-foot tower with huge 139-foot blades that span 395 feet!

The Buffalo Mountain Wind Farm is operated and managed by the Tennessee Valley Authority and has the capacity to generate more than 25 megawatts of electricity. And that is not all; the windmills make the ideal backdrop for photos!

There is a Shooting Range

As a visitor to Windrock Park, you will also find one of the region’s best outdoor shooting ranges. Keep in mind that Windrock Shooting Range boasts 3 pistol bays, as well as a 100-yard rifle range tucked away neatly in the forest.

It is worth noting that the Windrock Shooting Range is a locally owned and operated training and shooting range. It is just a short distance from the fantastic Trailhead in the park.

The range offers eight outdoor shooting ranges, which is amazing. There are firearm rentals that include fully automatic firearms, insightful training programs, as well as full-time NRA Certified Range Safety Officers.

You will be happy to know that the shooting range features both steel and paper targets, and you can shoot these targets with a pistol, rifle, or shotgun. And Windrock Shooting Range is an excellent destination for first-timers, as professional and experienced shooting coaches and instructors are there to show you the ropes.

As there are targets and shooting ranges for a variety of experience levels, you will surely have a great time, whether you are a seasoned shooter or a beginner.

You can Enjoy Mountain Biking

This is another reason for the popularity of Windrock Park. It is home to the best downhill mountain bike course in East Tennessee, Windrock Bike Park. You will also find some fantastic cross-country trails! Filled with jumps, steep descents, and drops, the downhill and cross-country bike trails at Windrock Park range from difficult to extreme and are geared toward expert bikers.

This means that if you are an expert bike rider, these trails should be at the top of your bucket list! As these trails are all rated difficult to extreme, it makes them ideal for riders looking for a new challenge! You will also like the fact that Windrock has a designated 500-acre bike park boasting nine awesome trails. Also, make sure that you pay attention to signage that indicates the difficulty levels of the various trails in this park.

And if you do not feel like loading up your mountain bike and heavy equipment, Windrock Park also provides rentals on Saturday, Friday, and Sunday.

Windrock ATV Park- Places to Stay

There is no doubt that Windrock Park boasts some of the best riding trails and other attractions, such as a shooting range and windmills. You can also enjoy the beautiful and breathtaking mountain scenery and wildlife while riding your ATV or off-road vehicle.

Come stay at a quiet and comfy campground and enjoy the amazing off-road trails on Windrock Mountain. You should book a stay at Ligia’s Fork Cabins. We are located in the ideal place to enjoy the fun Windrock OHV Trails. Maximize your time outside and explore various lodging options at Ligia’s Fork Cabins with on-site ATV trail access. Renting cabins at Ligia’s Fork Cabins offers a memorable and fun adventure you are unlikely to find with other accommodations.

We also offer several other amenities and different activities you can participate in while staying with us during your ATV vacation. We offer many different trails that you may choose from. With various trails to pick from, we will help plan your trip through Tennessee outdoors. So, contact us to learn more and reserve excellent lodging to have a memorable getaway.

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