Off-road Enthusiasts and the Road Less Traveled

Off road enthusiasts ATV

Ligia’s Fork is a small town worth a visit. It may lie off the beaten path, but it’s at the center of nature and adventure. Off-road enthusiasts love visiting here for the road less traveled.

Your Premier ATV Destination

Ligia’s Fork is a private getaway to your mountain adventure. It’s located in the heart of one of the country’s premier ATV destinations with access to 240,000 acres of prime ATV trails. ATV riders will enjoy scenic mountain views, beautiful in every season. In addition, the area offers a variety of terrain types and different levels of trails. Therefore, it’s sure to be a fun and challenging way to experience the outdoors.

Ligia’s Fork lies just minutes from WindRock ATV Park inside the North Cumberland WMA. Brimstone Recreation area and Royal Blue WMA are also nearby. ATVs are allowed on the roads, so you can take your four-wheeler from your cabin to the trail!

Other Popular Activities

After you’ve finished kicking up dust, you can try other popular local outdoor activities. First, check out the area’s beautiful lakes and rivers by swimming, rafting, or fishing. Birdwatching and photography are also a great way to take in the wildlife and nature. Or experience the trails by horseback riding and mountain biking.

When the day is done, sit back on the front porch to relax or visit with locals or other fellow off-road enthusiasts.

Something for Everyone

Whether you’re in it for the thrill of the ride or you think this is the best way to experience the beautiful outdoors, there’s something for everyone at this ATV destination.

Before operating an ATV, please review the ATV Safety Institute’s Golden Rules of ATV safety.

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