How to Make the Most of Your Trip to Windrock Park

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A few things are more exhilarating and fun than reaching the top of a towering mountain or successfully completing a demanding hike through stunning scenery. If you are an adventurous traveler, there isn’t any shortage of fantastic hiking and biking trails to explore in Oak Ridge, TN.

Also, with warmer and comfier weather approaching, this is the best time to start planning a hike around a national park or state park nearest you. If you live in East Tennessee or are planning to visit this part of Tennessee, you don’t have to search for national or state parks. This is because it is hard to beat the stunning Windrock Park.

So, what are you waiting for! Put on your hiking boots, grab a few water bottles, and visit some of the best hiking trails and biking tracks in the US for your next summer adventure. Explore wildlife, visit waterfalls, watch the windmills and take in elegant landscapes – these are just some of the perks of visiting WP.

Excellent Hiking and Biking Trails and Much More

Dozens of trails criss-cross East Tennessee, creating a unique patchwork of lush routes that lead to whatever your soul seeks. Hiking and biking trails at Windrock Park range from difficult to easy, giving everyone a chance to make the most of their trip.

If you want a fun outdoor adventure during your trip to Oak Ridge and would like to see some wildlife, Windrock Park is the best place!

During the day, you can have fun on Windrock Park’s majestic 73,000 acres, featuring more than 300 miles of trails, ranging from simple to extremely difficult.

Are you worried about getting lost on such expansive land? There is no need to worry since all the trails at Windrock Park are marked and also well mapped out. Windrock Park is labeled as having some of the “best off-road trails in the South,” so it is definitely worth visiting.

One of the best ways to make the most of your trip to Windrock Park is a wildlife sighting. You will likely spot many animals, such as raccoons and bears. You will also find bobcats in the area. However, these unique animals are highly elusive.

Some other activities you can enjoy at the park include cross-country and downhill mountain bike trails. You will also find a shooting range at Windrock Park, where you can bring your firearm.

If you don’t have a firearm, rentals are available, which is convenient. Keep in mind that everyone entering the park’s trail system is required to have a permit available on site.

Making the Most of Your Trip to WP

Here are some ways to make the most of your trip to Windrock Park and Ligia’s Fork.

Riding Events at WP

You will be pleased to know that Windrock Park brings riders across the nation together with many events. Did you know that there’s almost always something fun and exciting happening every weekend at the park? And the best part is that events usually extend beyond merely four-wheel fun.

For example, it is worth noting that the Spring Shindig usually kicks off the season with a memorable country music concert. If you are a music lover, you will love this concert. And that is not all; the Fall Jamboree is excellent as it brings together off-road enthusiasts and manufacturers for an insightful weekend full of demos, new products, and even the chance to test drive a new ride. Isn’t that great!

You may not know this, but the park is also available to be rented by travel groups ready to come together and have their own celebration. If your spouse-to-be loves to get as muddy as you do, you will be happy to know that Windrock Park is also available for weddings.

Windrock Park boasts Windrock Hollow, which is a vast 20-acre event site. The site is ideal for parties and large group gatherings alike! You will find space for outdoor staging for festivals and concerts, a large podium, and even a covered pavilion.

Watch the Windmills

A trip to Windrock Park is not complete without stopping by an iconic windmill. Did you know Windrock Park has the only wind farm in the Southeast?

Keep in mind that the famous Buffalo Mountain Wind Farm has 18 windmills, which are just captivating and fun to watch. So, if you are in East Tennessee and fancy a windmill trip, you must visit this farm. And you can also get that iconic windmill selfie from your holiday to Windrock Park.


Windrock Park has over 72,000 acres that you and your friends can explore. You may spend hours at Windrock Park taking in the gorgeous sights. You can also take a leisurely stroll along one of the several trails and admire the striking and unique views that await you around every corner.

What to Bring to Your Trip to Windrock Park

Unlike many other ATV bucket list destinations in the US, you do not need to dry camp at Windrock Park. This is why make sure to pack plenty of snacks and water bottles in a cooler that you can enjoy throughout the day before you return to the RV. On the other hand, if you prefer, you will find restaurants and grocery stores within 20 miles of Windrock Park.

Where can You Stay Overnight?

You will find several options for overnight lodging. Windrock Park is well-known for its proximity to notable B&B’s, guesthouses, cabin rentals, inns, and hotels, from modest to fancy. However, after a day of hiking and biking or enjoying other adventures, you can retire to a safe and comfy cabin and relax. Let Ligia’s Fork Cabins help!

By booking a suitable cabin with a beautiful and incredible view, you’ll make the most of your time. So, you should not miss various lodging options at the Ligia’s Fork Cabins.

We welcome you to Ligia’s Fork Cabins, a heaven on earth and your private getaway for your fun mountain adventure that you will cherish for a long time. Give our reservations staff a phone call or check out our website. Regardless of your budget or group size, we have a cabin for you!

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