Best Off-Road Parks in Tennessee


Tennessee has no shortage of fun and thrilling off-road destinations for avid adventurers. Note that depending on where you live in Tennessee, finding a suitable place to kick it into 4-wheel drive could be as easy as heading to the back half of the property behind the barn. If you are looking for an unforgettable and amazing off-roading experience, Tennessee is certainly where the adventure is at.

There is no doubt that the whole state of Tennessee is an outdoor lover’s paradise. With so much greenery and wilderness, you will easily find places to fish, hike, rock climb, zipline, and canoe. Off-roading in Tennessee can definitely hit the spot whether you are seeking an easy level 1 trail or a place to push your 4×4 to its maximum potential.

Tennessee is an excellent place to explore for off-roading. You should know that there is no better way to spend your weekend than by taking on dirt roads, mud pits, and gullies!

And the wonderful cabins at Ligia’s Fork Cabins provide you with the best BBQ areas and ATV riding regions in Tennessee. Here, we have listed the best off-road parks in Tennessee for your next getaway.

Windrock ATV Park

Windrock Park is a privately owned off-road park located in Oliver Springs, Tennessee. It is considered one of the best offroad trails in the South. Offering a staggering and impressive 72,000 acres of land with almost 300 miles of trails, it is an excellent place to lose yourself, whether in a 4×4 or on a dirt bike.

The park also offers camping, hiking, and a shooting range. As a result, you will never run out of fun things to do. You can traverse water crossings, steep climbs, boulders, and cliffs.

Note that ATV riding and Jeep trails ranging from simple to incredibly difficult, as well as a picturesque and breathtaking view of the Tennessee Valley, will likely consume most of your time.

Also, you will find tons of fun wheeled activities to look forward to. This is because the property hosts many special events, such as the Windrock Park Spring and Fall Jamborees, rock crawls, ATV rodeos, poker runs, drag races, and mud bogs.

Golden Mountain Park

Famous for having some of the state’s toughest and most grueling off-road trails, the famous Golden Mountain Park offers 45 such paths across more than 500 acres of land. Did you know that Bounty Hill is among the most renowned?

The trail will earn you some serious bragging rights, and you can enjoy level 1 trails and level 5 trails. Also, thanks to RV hookups, campsites, and a bunkhouse, you can also stay overnight.

So, what are you waiting for! Make a weekend of it by staying comfy in one of the park’s campsites, pavilions, RV hookups, or bunkhouse.

Wooly’s Off Road

Are you looking for a serious challenge? You should look no further as Wooly’s has plenty. Located just fifty miles south of Nashville, the park features many off-road trails with everything you can think of, such as mud holes, steep gullies, and rocky ditches. You will find eight different trails and a variety of different challenges.

Did you know that it is also one of the most diverse and unique off-road parks you will find when determining where to off-road in Tennessee?

Prentice Cooper State Forest

You may have heard of Prentice Cooper State Forest. The park is located west of Chattanooga on the gorgeous and scenic Tennessee River Gorge. Keep in mind that 31 percent of the forest is currently in conservation areas. On the other hand, the remaining 69 percent is suitable for multiple uses.

The park includes long loops of rugged and rocky ATV trails, which makes this state forest one of the best ATV parks in Tennessee.

The best thing about this state forest is that it offers OHV use in designated areas. You can also enjoy rock climbing, horseback riding, mountain biking, and bird watching if you are looking for other fun recreational activities.

Adventure Off-Road Park

Did you know that the Adventure Off-Road Park is a massive 500-acre property that commits and promises to make any outdoor enthusiast’s wildest dreams come true? Keep in mind that this park is located between South Pittsburg and Kimble.

AOP provides you with beginner to extreme rock trails and offers many off-road races, festivals, charity events, and live musical performances that you will like. You should know that the sheer amount of amazing opportunities available for recreation means that you will find it hard to fit in everything you wish to do over the course of one day. The good news is that you can make the most of the park’s excellent camping options.

You will find plenty of green space where you can easily set up a tent. Showers and bathrooms are on-site as well, so you can easily clean off the mud after a long and memorable day’s off-road adventuring.

Brimstone Recreation

This is another great location that offers ATV as well as comfy cabin rentals for your stay. You will also find a campground on site. Keep in mind that Brimstone Recreation boasts trails that are more than 20,000 acres. Also, Brimstone has established itself as a top-quality off-road retreat, offering a unique and fun experience to the most experienced riders.

Located in Appalachia, the fantastic park has more than 300 miles of OHV trails. These trails wind through nearly 20,000 acres of mountain, overlooks, woods, and culture exploration points.

Did you know that trails are marked and rated? As a result, adventure seekers know and understand what to expect. Also, people who do not have their cars can still enjoy the scenic outdoors since Brimstone provides you with off-road rentals, maps, matching helmets, and guides! Just make sure you have a valid driver’s license and are 18 years old or above.

Where to Stay

As you can see, Tennessee boasts some of the best riding trails and ATV parks. You can also enjoy the beautiful and breathtaking mountain scenery and wildlife while riding your ATV or off-road vehicle.

For a brief respite from exploring the Windrock Park and Brimstone Recreation, you should book a stay at Ligia’s Fork Cabins.  If you would like to maximize your time outside, you should not miss various lodging options at the Ligia’s Fork Cabins. While you are here, you can relax in a comfy and tranquil room or suite and make the most of our upscale amenities.

From our trails, you can easily enjoy some off-roading, horseback riding, fish the famous Cumberland River, or ride all the way to Windrock Mountain.

Renting a cabin at Ligia’s Form offers a memorable and fun adventure you are unlikely to find with other accommodations.

We also offer several other amenities and different activities you can participate in while staying with us during your ATV vacation. So, contact us to learn more and reserve excellent lodging to have a memorable getaway.

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