R-E-S-P-E-C-T – ATV Recreation Rules of the Road

Can’t you hear Aretha Franklin chiming in here? ATV recreation comes with a certain set of responsibilities. Having access to great trails in public and private parks and recreation areas like Windrock ATV Park and Brimstone Recreation Area is a true benefit for outdoor enthusiasts. It makes sense to respect the laws of the road and the laws of the land to help ensure these resources are available for decades to come.

Respect Other Riders

ATV trail etiquette really comes down to basic common sense. Patience and courteous behavior will go a long way with others who share the trail with you – whether they are on an ATV, on foot, horseback, mountain bike, or other mode of transport.

  • Always yield to the right of way
  • Follow at a safe distance
  • If you pass, wait until you are sure it is safe and/or they signal the okay
  • When passing, avoid stirring up dust and gravel by laying off the throttle
  • Help those who are stuck
  • Report bad trail conditions or obstacles to others

Showing consideration for others who are out there enjoying the great outdoors – just like you – will make the experience much safer, which means everyone can have an enjoyable day.

Respect the Environment

Trail riding is all about exploring nature and seeing things you don’t typically have the privilege to encounter. It is always important to learn about the area where you will be riding. Get good maps of the trails and learn about any restrictions or rules, including where to and where not to ride. Stay on designated trails and follow any speed limits and posted signs. If you find large branches blocking the trail, remove them if possible. If you need to open a gate, close it securely after you pass through. Most importantly, do not litter. Take a trash bag along for your own waste and pick up after others who may not be as enlightened. It’s always best to leave an area better than you find it.

Respect the Trail

It may be tempting for thrill-seekers to go rogue and forge a new path every once in a while. However, deviating from the designated trail can cause all sorts of issues. The trail is there for a reason. Part of that reason is safety for you and animals in the area. Leaving the path could put you in harm’s way from obstacles like rocks, hidden fences, tree limbs, and large holes. If you’ve ever removed barbed wire from your leg, you’ll understand the sentiment. Also, remember that you are a steward of the environment and an ambassador for the sport. Disrupting animals’ natural habitats and tearing up an area others could have enjoyed for a short-term personal gain is simply irresponsible.

Stay and Ride with Us

Respecting these unwritten rules means that you and others will be able to enjoy the beauty of the trails and surrounding nature for years to come. We would love to share our beautiful area with you and your friends and family. Book your vacation with us today by using our booking engine on our individual cabin pages or contact us for more information.

We look forward to seeing you!

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