ATV Vacations: Good for the Whole Family

Yes, you read that right – the whole family! With summer break in full swing, you’re likely struggling, as most are, to find activities that will entertain your entire family: pre-teen, teenagers, and all. ATV riding is one of those activities that can please adventurers of all ages. Even if your goal is just to get your family out to enjoy nature more this season, ATVs can kick the experience up a notch.

Reasons to Choose an ATV Family Vacation

  1. Score one for nature and zero for the Internet. ATV riding is a great way to immerse yourself in nature, away from the TV and the lure of mobile devices. If you combine your ATV experience with a stay at Ligia’s Fork Cabins, you’ll have even more nature in your backyard, with easy access to fishing, hiking, and horseback riding along with 240,000 acres of ATV trails nearby.
  1. ATV vacations are very affordable compared to beach or theme park vacations, where most of your funds go into transportation and dining out. Whether you decide to camp somewhere or stay in a cabin, you can easily plan affordable meals for the grill or your cabin kitchen.
  1. This type of family vacation encourages kids to try new things and can teach them responsibility and respect for motor vehicles, the environment, and other riders. When you introduce them to a sport at a younger age, they will have a lifetime to enjoy it.
  1. You will also have valuable bonding time together, with the hope of future trips even your kids will be excited about. Play games in the cabin or roast marshmallows by the fire pit as you share stories about the thrilling day you’ve had.

Some Caveats

  1. ATVs are NOT toys and should never be referred to or treated as such. Teach your kids to respect the power and potential danger of ATVs as you would if they were driving a car for the first time.
  1. Be careful to obey the manufacturer’s guidelines and secure age-appropriate ATVs for your children, which have limited speeds and other safety features. Many ATVs for children also have parental controls, like a speed lock and even a remote to cut the engine if needed. Learn more about the different sizes of ATVs here. Obviously, approved safety gear, like helmets and eyewear, are a must.
  1. Also, keep in mind that no one under 12 is allowed to operate an ATV on TN state land, and anyone under 16 must obtain an operation certificate and be supervised by someone 18 or older. There are no age laws for trails other than those that are state-operated, so it is ultimately up to you to determine if your child is mature enough to handle the responsibility of an ATV.
  1. Safety is the ultimate concern, so if you are nervous, consider getting your child professional training. The ATV Safety Institute has a readiness checklist you can check out to gauge how prepared they are for the challenge.

Stay and Ride with Us

Grab that “cool parent” award and make memories you will all cherish for years to come. If you would like to introduce your family to ATV riding – or if you already have and are looking for your next family vacation adventure – consider a stay at Ligia’s Fork Cabins.  We provide quick and easy access to many popular trails and recreation areas along with fully equipped kitchens, outdoor fire pits, free wifi, and more. Please contact us for more information.

We look forward to hosting you!

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